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Happy Chappies Montessori was opened in 2005, in response to parents searching for a quality nursery, run by qualified teachers, as opposed to non-qualified care-givers. During our first year, our fledgling classes proved to be what was intended; a place where children can come to play and learn within a stimulating, enjoyable and richly educational atmosphere, under the watchful eye of trained staff. We are officially registered and licenced by the Ministry of Labour & Social Affairs, and are governed by local health and safety regulations.

"The Happy Chappies team consists of qualified Montessori nursery teachers. Each class has a qualified teacher, supported by a teaching assistant and a general assistant. Every employee has been carefully selected for their genuine love of and affinity for children, and for their warm and caring natures.

Happy Chappies has a strong Montessori influence which allows a child to develop at his/her own pace, with gentle guidance using a wide range of activities, learning materials, discussion, creative play, singing and projects on relevant topics of interest to each individual.

We aim to provide a rounded education covering the usual pre-school curriculum including personal, social and emotional development, communication, language literacy, mathematical development, knowledge and understanding of the world, physical and creative development.

The nursery is a wonderful haven for children that radiates a very warm, homely, cheerful and educational atmosphere that will nurture each individual. It is a world scaled down to a child's size, with tiny tables and chairs, low hooks for jackets and ankle-high toilets fostering independence and self-sufficiency. Special activities have been designed to stimulate a child's visual, auditory, tactile, smelling and tasting senses. Here a child paints, cooks, waters the garden, sweeps with miniature brooms, washes dishes and plays with materials that develop fine and gross motor coordination.

With toys, games and a variety of educational equipment abundant in every room, children of all ages will be enchanted from the moment they arrive, and will be very 'Happy Chappies'."

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