Our Philosophy

Our goal is to provide all of the children in our care a safe, clean and comfortable, loving environment, rich in resources, where they can play and learn. We believe in the value of both structured and flexible schedules. Structured actvities are based on the Montessori principals, which cover developmental activities designed to meet the needs of children in five curriculum areas;

Practical life skills - In this area, your child will be given the opportunity to practice developing his/her skills in looking after him/herself and the surroundings. For example, children can practice pouring, transferring and dressing themselves, and also other activities like sweeping, mopping, washing, folding, cooking, etc., to develop co-ordination and dexterity skills. This helps to develop the children with everyday key life skills and promotes the development of independence, concentration and coordination through care of self and the environment.

Sensory motor activities - Equipment in the Sensorial area helps to develop and refine each of the five senses, (touch, sight, smell, auditory and stereognostic sense). For example, the sound boxes help to develop listening and music skills, colour boxes help develop observation and perception skills. The Sensorial equipment also indirectly prepares the child for later mathematics and language work, as they help the child to order, grade, classify and describe their sensory impressions. Children also become more aware of  themselves and their surroundings, and the rich variety of apparatus that attracts the children encourages them to continually explore and extend their knowledge and understanding.

Mathematical skills - Montessori before working with children studied mathematics and through her observations of children she designed the mathematical equipment used in our classroom. Our children gain a physical impression of concepts such as numbers, counting skills,  measurement, etc and have the opportunity to talk, play, touch and experiment with the relevant mathematical concepts long before the formal teaching of math's is introduced. This approach provides a solid foundations for future maths.

Language and Literacy skills - Language is enriched within the environment through the use of phonetic games, songs, rhymes, stories, books, and writing through the introduction of the sand paper letters. Our individual approach is used to facilitate reading, writing, social and comprehension skills. The literacy approach is phonic based where indirect and direct roads into reading and writing are introduced. Each piece of material builds on the child’s existing knowledge which can be tailored to meet the needs of each individual child.

Cultural and Environmental Studies - In our classroom we try to promote cultural awareness through our Cultural area. We encourage children to explore and investigate their environment, and to further their knowledge and understanding of the world using the equipment that Montessori developed for this purpose. Biology, geography, history, simple science activities, nature and conservation are included in this area.

There is an atmosphere of co-operation in the classroom, not competition. We are always very positive towards the children  giving lots of encouragment and a continued belief in themselves and their abilities. Our aim is to provide an environment where it feels like a ''home away from home'' for your child, it is a place where your child can be themselves. Our environment is one where we all respect each other, adults and children alike. A place where learning is fun, full of interesting things to do, and where your child can take time out to just ''be''. It is someplace where your child can grow knowing he/she belongs and that he/she is special..the Montessori philosophy. 

We offer regular story times, arts and crafts, musical activities, learning about the world around us, taking care of ourselves, animals and our environment, and much, much more in our happy, friendly and safe environment.
Each child attending Happy Chappies is treated as an individual, learning at his or her own pace, thus fulfilling their fullest potential possible.

The most important priority is for your child to have fun while they learn!

Family involvement is a key element of any child's education, as such we strive to have constant communication with families.
With our open door policy parents can come in at any time and are warmly welcomed into the nursery.
Pictures of each class are uploaded weekly to a site which parents can access, and a beautifully worded picture report is carefully put together for each child at the end of their school year.


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