We have five exceptionally spacious, bright and sunny classrooms  Our Nursery is well-equipped and furnished with the very best educational equipment available from the UK. 

Each of the five classrooms cater for a specific age group, from 3 months up to 4.5 years of age.  

Our newest classroom to open is specifically aimed for children needing additional help to become intergrated into mainstream education. Many children are in need of a little extra help, but not that of a special needs school. Our aim is to provide that extra boost that allows them to carry on smoothly into the next level of education. With our specially trained staff we are able to provide all the suppprt required.

Each class has a Teacher, Assistant Teacher and General Assistant. Each class has between 10-22 children depending on the age group. All our teachers are highly qualified Montessori teachers with additional childcare qualifications, and our assistants are all experienced ladies who have worked with children in schools, recieve inhouse training from our class teachers and, most importantly, are also mums!


Teaching hours are from 8am until 1pm. After care and clubs are from 12.45 until 1.45pm

The school is open from 6.30am for children who may need to be dropped of early. The maids supervise during this time until 7.20 when teaching staff arrive. 

Children are expected to arrive no later than 8.30am, so as not to disrupt the class and teacher. At the end of school we do advise parents to be on time, at 1pm, for collection. 

If you are stuck in traffic or have an emergency that may cause you to be late, please let us know.

For children attending clubs or for parents who know they are going to be late we can provide after school care. Please speak to reception in order for this to be arranged. 


Children are regularly photographed during the day whilst carrying out their activities in the class and playground. All pictures taken are saved and used for your childs report, giving you the opportunity to have many pictures during your childs nursery years. It is also a wonderful way to let grandparents and family overseas see the children in action.

We have an open door policy. Parents are warmly invited to view the Nursery and we always look forward to showing you around.

Any comments or feedback are always welcomed as we endeavour to make our little school an outstanding experience for both you and your little ones.


Jungle Room

Our Jungle Room is an enormous indoor play area with padded floors, and specific areas dedicated to soft play, imaginative play and physical activity using our gym equipment.

The beautiful mural will capture the heart and imagination, and is the perfect backdrop to enchant every child from the moment they arrive.


Our fully equipped, colourful library is filled with wonderful books to encourage a child to read.

The children will have access to all of the books for their own reading pleasure within the classroom, as each class has their own cosy library corner, in addition to listening to stories during our dedicated story times.

Lions Library
Our new Library and literacy room has been designed close to the Lions classroom providing the children with their own cosy area to read, listen to stories, and explore language using storybags and other language material. The children in Lions will be able to borrow a book to take home over the weekend allowing them to enjoy the real experience of Libraries around the world.

The Jungle Explorers Room.
This area has been converted into a Tactile Discovery Room.  Although essentially a playroom, the children will be able to make use of a wide range of beautiful sensorial equipment, to explore and enhance their understanding of the senses. 

With our cosy tree house, built to play inside and help develope each childs imagination during free discovery time. Lots of great adventures to be held with friends.

Please refere to our ''Jungle Explorers'' page for pictures.

Outdoor Facilities

Our secure outdoor garden and playground is filled with a colourful array of cars, houses, slides, a sandpit and much, much more.

An added comfort for parents is that, in addition to having a safe, secure playground, we also have a security guard on duty daily, from 7.00am - 5.00pm.

Sick Room

We have a lovely sick room where children can rest while waiting for parents to arrive.
The room has been specifically designed to look like a home bedroom so that children are not scared or intimidated by a hospital/clinical look.

Our Nurse/ First Aid trained staff oversea all the children in the Nursery and watch over and care for any upset big or small.


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