Parent's Comments

"... the fact that she never wants to come home and asks to come on weekends is testament in itself to the fantastic job you are doing." Jane, Ava's Mum

"... never got bored with the variety of colourful, high-quality toys. They taught children in groups and individually; that helped Dorna to improve her self-confidence. Although Happy Chappies is a small nursery in Kuwait, it competes with the best nurseries in the Emirates that have been in this business for a couple of years with huge investments and lots of resources." Fatemah, Dorna's Mum

"...exceptionally pleased with everyones approach in dealing with the girls (twins) as two separate individuals - one issue I was very concerned about from day one! ...the extra final touch to a totally wonderful experience for the the extra chats and advice you freely give... the interests of the kids is put first." Heather, Peigi & Jessica's Mum

"... she can now confidently identify colours, certain letters, animals and where they live and, to top it off, her manners are very good. She uses 'please' and 'thank you', which I know she has been taught at nursery... it's become a standing joke that my daughter prefers to be at school than at home, but the nursery has declined to take boarders." Rachel, Abigail's Mum

"... I have been delighted with Happy Chappies. I am actually worried, returning to the UK, that I won't be able to find somewhere that matches up! Keep up the good work..." Pippa, William's Mum

''Please open up classes for older children, Zack really misses Happy Chappies and we would put him back in an instant, he learnt so much at Happy Chappies he is ahead of children at his current school'', Claire, Zack's mum.

''On our return to South Africa from Kuwait, we had to get Peigi and Jessica assessed to see if they could be accepted at a private school for Grade 1. In South Africa the law is that a child cannot legally start school till the year they turn 7 in-which means that they legally are not allowed in school as they are still only 5 and will turn 6 in May this year (2009). So a lot hinged on the assessment. The headmaster congratulated me as he said the remedial teacher who conducted the assessment said that they are ''the best prepared children for Grade 1 entry they have ever interviewed for school in 20 years of testing!!.'' . Needless to say I was beaming with pride and I have to thank all of you at Happy Chappies who have been involved in their education to date!!. Heather, Peigi and Jessica's mum.

"Happy Chappies has made my chappy very happy. Thanx to everybody for your efforts. The team is making it a very pleasant environment for our children" Phil, JJ's Dad

"Thank you for sending the pictures through! Mikey enjoyed seeing himself and telling us about his painting and messy feet. ... thank you to you and all your staff for your patience and kindness... we were pleased that he was able to settle..." Lisa, Mikey's Mum

"At last a place with good educational materials - lots of things for our children to learn... coupled with knowledgable and very able guidance - what a find!" Birgit, Louis's Mum

"As a mother of an only child, I was very keen to enrol my son in a stimulating environment where he could regularly interact with other children. Happy Chappies has done so much for Alex's social skills; I love watching him interact, play and work when he doesn't know I'm there. The nursery has become such an important part of his life, and mine too." Susan, Alex's Mum

"I really loved your nursery, and the way you deal with and teach children. Abdallah had both fun and education. It's the type of nursery I've always looked for; I only wished that I'd known about you earlier" Rania, Abdallah's Mum

"... It is great to see Holly in action through all of your photos, and the variety of activities which go on is amazing... Happy Chappies has also enabled Holly to be exposed to new experiences, which she loves to tell me about, especially the swimming sessions" Juliet, Holly's Mum

"I didn't realise how well you took care of us, the parents!!. Only after Alex started at his big school did I see how spoilt we were. You let me call everyday, you called me, took pictures, noticed the little things in our childrens lives and did so much to assist us.I feel lost at his new school as we dont get a tenth of what Happy Chappies did, so a big belated thank you!"' Karen, Alex mum.



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