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Happy Chappies locations.

Rumaithiya Location                                          Fintas Location
Block 1                                                                Block 4
Street 11 (Street Al Shafaii)                              Street 1
Villa 1B                                                               Villa 51
00965 99310307.                                               00965 67004777
email                                                                   email

We are always happy to show families around.
Keep folowing us on instagram under Happychappies to keep up to date with the progress.

We always have so many exciting events planned and many new things to learn each term. Dont forget to keep an eye on the notice board for information, and check your email for your childs individual class weekly planning.

Our old mums will no doubt be on hand along with teachers to reassure new mums that it really is best for a quick hug and kiss goodby. The longer you linger, the longer it will take for your little one to bond with her teacher, especially if he or she has you to hold onto there is no need to hang on to the teacher for comfort. We will call you to let you know how your little one is doing, and you may call us, as often as you wish. 

We also have a lovely parents viewing balcony where you can sit and view the children playing in the jungle room. Have a coffee and relax but please remember, it takes little ones time to get into a new routine so although a child may have settled and stop crying in the classroom, tears may pop up again moving to the jungle room and back. This is normal and as soon as children get accustomed to the routine you will see little ones happily settled.

We have so many exciting events planned this term so please keep an eye on emails and class notice boards. We remind parents as much as we are able but its up to mums and dads to please keep our school calender plus notes and emails pinned to the fridge door!

We also have after school clubs planned.  For more information on them and other clubs starting later this term, please dont hesitate to ask us at reception.  

We hope you enjoy this term as much as we the staff have had planning it!.

Colour Day's.
One day a week this term the children will be invited to all come into school wearing a certain colour!, this has been enjoyed by all in the past and we have been requested to continue this year, even though finding certain colours has proven a challenge for many of us!!.

Birthday Parties. From 3-6pm Sunday to Thursday.
Looking for a fun and exciting place to hold your child's party?, look no futher!. For only KD80 you can have full run of the Jungle playroom where little ones can have lots of fun with all the exciting tumble equipment, jump in the ball pool and play in the kitchen and pretend house. With a special party room to hold the cake and party food you can enjoy the day and let us worry about the clean up and mess!. We will provide the environment and maids to assist you, and you provide the cake and party food. Now you can sit back and enjoy a stress free party!. Call the school on the numbers above or email.

Staff Meetings
Staff meetings will now be held on Sundays, from 7.30 - 8.00am. We plan for the week, try to resolve any issues and work together to create the best programme for the children's education. Parents are asked to deliver their children to the Jungle Room, where they will be supervised by the maids and security, until 8.00am

For further information, please contact Rumaithiya or Fintas  between the hours of 8am-2pm, or send an e-mail.
Old news
Sept 2009.

SAD NEWS. Closure of all Nurseries in Kuwait, and all after school clubs.
Sadly, after being verbally reasured we could open by the ministry of Social Affaires, all Nursery's in Kuwait have now been told to close their doors until 29th November. With this in mind we have to follow the guidelines and close the Nursery.
We will be in constant touch with all our parents and will keep you up to date with everything that is being done to try and resolve this. 
We look forward to opening our doors November 3oth, (if not sooner) where we will have a fun filled festive 2 weeks to let all the children catch up with friends and enjoy some creative and festive fun. Please contact Mrs Nikki at reception who will remain in office during the next 2 months. For new parents wishing to attend the 2 weeks festive fun and learning programe, please contact Mrs Nikki by phone or email. 67004777/67795678. principal@happy-chappies.com.

We welcome back all our children and remind parents to pls follow the health guidelines we e-mailed, hand washing must be carried out at the entrance to the Nursery and any child/caregiver who shows signs of a cold/fever/sickness must remain at home for 7 days, or show a letter from a Doctor stating H1N1 is not present. We have a nurse to maintain a careful watch over all our children and staff. Working together we can ensure the safety of all in the Nursery and continue to provide the high standard of care and education we endevour to reach.