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Jungle Club

 Jungle Club Every Saturday.  9.00 to 11.00am. 

Children 5 years old and under are welcome to use our Jungle area and outdoor garden.

Families not enrolled into Happy Chappies are also welcome to come and enjoy the facilities.

 (Link to Jungle Club )

Here we provide the ideal opportunity for children wanting to run around in a safe secure area. Children are invited to do so in the soft play area, or the outside play area.

We also ask that you stick to the following guidelines so that everyone has an enjoyable time;

- shoes are to be left on the shoe rack at the entrance
- NO food and/or drinks in the soft play area - please use the designated area at reception.
- kindly ensure that you bring along a snack and drink for your child(ren). 
- we ask that parents view this as a chance to spend time with their children in a maid-free environment.
- coffee and tea are provided for adults.