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Jungle Explorers Room in Fintas.

This area has been converted into a Tactile Discovery Room.  Although essentially a playroom, the children will be able to make use of a wide range of beautiful sensorial equipment, to explore and enhance their understanding of the senses. Children will also develope their minds and body with our problem solving equipment. This room changes periodically to stimulate the childrens sence of adventure. Its curent theme is PIRATE WORLD.

Sensorial Discovery room in Rumaithiya.

This room has been designed as a hands on area to touch and explore, to develop the mind and body whilst having fun.
The children love this beautiful room and enjoy the peace and tranquility it provides.

Puppet and dressing up activity room, in both Fintas and Rumaithiya.

Both locations are filled with an amazing selection of puppets for story time and imaginative development. Children role play with the wide selection of dressing up clothes ranging from astronauts to fire fighters , musicians to movie makers, Royalty to designer!. We encourage role play to let the children explore the lives of others and develop friendships, language skills and so much more.